Beauty Clinic

Bored of your make-up? Confused by skincare? Want to change your fragrance but haven't time to test out 50 aromas until you find the right one? Long to give your teenager some subtle and supportive advice on skin? Time to treat yourself to a session with Beauty Clinic

I have lost count of the amount of times friends and strangers have asked me about beauty, ranging from practical questions to  inspiration for a beauty present. Now I have decided to do something about it and offer a down to earth, friendly service. 

In today's world, beauty has become potentially more confusing, not just in shops and stores but also online. Insta perfect skin, filters, surgical 'tweaks' all make the search for finding some honest and sensible beauty advice extremely complicated particularly for teenagers and mid-life women . As a mother of teenagers, a boy and girl, the pressure to 'be someone' can collide unhelpfully with the idea that influencers are real people with perfect skin, make-up and bodies. 

I believe it is perfectly possible to be confident and attractive without resorting to any surgery, painful treatments or wildly expensive beauty products. The right skincare and simple make-up can be a game changer and most importantly fun and build confidence in the right way. I am not affiliated to any beauty brand so can give genuinely impartial advice based on years of trying and testing hundreds of products from the super expensive to affordable brands you will find in your local chemist.

If you would like to subscribe to Beauty Clinic, click on the email contact for further information on rates for online and personally tailored, confidential advice.


'I would always seek Sarah's opinion before spending money on beauty products' mother of teenagers aged 49

'It was so refreshing to get truly honest and helpful recommendations that suit my age and budget' A level student, aged 17

'She is an encyclopedia of information on fashion  and cosmetics and her experience really shines through. She is friendly and I didn't feel at all intimidated' Mother of 3 adult children aged 54